Welcome to the Future of Scheduled Asset Transfer

Time Based Smart Contracts (TBSC)

Revolutionizing how digital assets are transferred over time. Our innovative platform offers a secure, non-custodial smart contract solution, designed to execute asset transfers at precisely scheduled times. Whether it's cryptocurrency for a birthday gift, a trust fund disbursement, or automated payroll management, TBSC ensures that your assets are transferred accurately and punctually, every time.

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TBSC Features

Precision Timing
Immutable Scheduling
Non-Custodial Security
Versatile Applications

Experience Unparalleled Scheduling Accuracy:
TBSC revolutionizes asset management by offering unprecedented precision in scheduling transfers. With the ability to schedule down to the minute, TBSC empowers users to synchronize their asset transfers with critical deadlines and events. Whether it's for closing market-sensitive deals or executing timely payments, TBSC's precision timing is your ally in a fast-paced financial world.

Our Roadmap

Charting the Course of Innovation

Launch Phase (Current)
Introduction of basic TBSC functionalities, including single-receiver transfers.
Q2 2024
Implementation of multi-receiver capabilities for broader applications such as payroll systems.
Q3 2024
Expansion of TBSC to include invoicing and escrow services, particularly for rental agreements and service-based transactions.
Q4 2024
Introduction of enhanced functionalities like flexible contributions and a refund protocol, ideal for budgeting and crowdfunding.

Join us on this journey as we reshape the landscape of blockchain-based transactions. With TBSC, the future of asset transfer is not just secure and reliable; it's precisely on your schedule.

We're committed to transparency and collaboration, which is why our smart contract code is open for review on GitHub. Take a look, give us your feedback, or even contribute to our growing project: https://github.com/tenggaradev/tbsc-smart-contracts

Let's innovate together!

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